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Disclosure of Expert Notice

Expert Consultant (Non-Testifying)

No person is permitted to disclose the engagement of Forensic Alcohol Consulting and Training, LLC , (F.A.C.T) or Matthew Malhiot to ANY other party, person or organization participating in or having any interest in the cause of action until the Consulting & Expert Witness Agreement has been signed and returned AND F.A.C.T. has been paid the proper fees associated with being named a "consulting expert" (non-testifying). Upon receipt of payment for the consulting/case review, a party may disclose F.A.C.T. as a "Consulting Expert" (Non-Testifying).

Expert Witness (Testifying Expert)

Upon receipt of payment for court, then and only then, may a person disclose FACT or Matthew Malhiot as a "Testifying Expert Witness".

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Malhiot at 678-880-3171 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the disclosure of Matthew Malhiot as an expert.