This firm has hired Matthew Malhiot on several occasions, and have found him to be an incredibly impressive trial witness. Matt's breadth of experience and credential's are very impressive to jurors. He knows the intoxication related evidence, including national DUI "cost to society" information.

That Matt qualifies as an accident inviestigator, and can therefore testify authoritatively as to closing speeds and distances, sober and intoxicated reaction times, etc, is a fundamental reason for employing Matt.

Matt also authoritatively renders expert opinions as to DUI related topics such as alcohol absorption rates, human tolerance rates, consumption calculations, and intoximeter results.

In short, Matt can be counted upon to deliver the "DUI" evidence that a Plaintiff's lawyer can count on to lead to a punitive damages recovery.

Paul A. Dietrick, Esq.
Law Office of Gilbert M. Taylor, LLC
Atlanta, GA

"I am very pleased with Matthew's work. I received a thorough report that will greatly benefit my client during trial. I will continue to use Matthew and have recommended him to my colleagues."

Mandy Miller, Attorney at Law
Mandy Miller Legal, PLLC
Katy, Texas

"Matthew's report helped my client understand that, in his case, fighting the DUI would've proved to be an impossible task and that a plea was his best bet. The report also helped to secure a plea most beneficial to my client."

Weston Maffit, Attorney at Law
The Law Office of Weston Maffit, LLC
Covington, GA

"I appreciated the professional report done in a timely manner. Very helpful in preparing for trial."

Georgia Attorney

"Mr. Malhiot has repeatedly assisted me with investigations on DUI matters and has repeatedly made a significant difference. He is through and persistant and has immense knowledge on DUI issues. He literally makes the difference between a conviction and a dismissal or not-guilty verdict."

Joe S. Habachy, Attorney at Law
Habachy Law
Atlanta, Georgia

"We recently had the great pleasure to have Matthew Malhiot as a featured speaker at our Annual DWI Defense Project in North Texas, sponsored by Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. His presentation on the Intoxilyzer 9000 was riveting. He demonstrated all of the advanced features that CMI has added to the instrument, such as mapping the breath volume over the entire expiration compared to the breath alcohol concentration ("BAC"), a valuable feature that just happens to demonstrate that the slope detector doesn't work and that the BAC never actually seems to "plateau," as we have all been told repeatedly by State's experts over the years. That was fascinating enough but the real punch-line is that the Scientific Director for the Texas Department of Public Safety has specifically rejected that feature for the Texas version of the 9000. Texas certainly doesn't want a feature that conclusively shows that the most basic premise of this instrument is a total lie. Mind-boggling! We all knew that the BAC rose over the entire length of the blow based on countless "drink-and-blow" sessions with our defense-owned instruments but CMI actually made a machine that prints a graph demonstrating that critical defensive theory on every test. Texas sent that feature to the "Indiana Jones" warehouse. Matthew Malhiot's presentation is like a "60 Minutes" broadcast. "

--Lawrence G. Boyd, Course Director

"I recently attended a day-long training seminar on the Intoxilyzer 9000 presented by Matthew Malhiot. Prior to the seminar, I had very little knowledge of the Intoxilyzer 9000. After the seminar, I believe I am now better trained to deal with an Intoxilyzer 9000 DUI case than most police officers today. Mr. Malhiot takes what is complex, difficult scientific material and explains it in an easily understandable and useable fashion, even for someone without a background in science. Well worth the reasonable cost of the seminar."

Richard A. Jones, Attorney at Law
Canton, Georgia

"I was very impressed with Mr. Malhiot's experience with and understanding of the Intoxilyzer 9000. The information provided at the training course has proved invaluable to me in defending my clients. I highly recommend his training classes and intend to attend additional training classes."

George McCranie, Attorney at Law
Douglas, Georgia
McCranie Law Firm

"When Matt Malhiot moved from Florida to Georgia, our state FINALLY had a true breath test EXPERT within our borders. This in-depth training can only be obtained through State training, because most breath manufacturers do not permit others to be trained in this manner. Typically, people who obtain Matt's level of training and experience on breath testing instruments remain with their State agency overseeing the forensic breath program for LIFE.

Like any highly trained person who has options, Matt took his decades of hands-on training, knowledge, and experience and moved to Georgia, to offer his services to whomever needed them – defense or prosecution.

Today, Matt is happily assisting legal professionals to learn the "ins-and-outs" of breath testing devices. His experience level and professional bearing in court are critical for educating both juries AND judges in understanding the limitations of Georgia's breath testing program.

"Science" is neutral, and favors no side of a criminal or civil case. But, when the GBI Crime Lab has the benefit of being virtually unchallenged during most criminal trials that utilize breath testing devices for more than four decades, it is refreshing to have Matt Malhiot available to provide inside information on how and when an Intoxilyzer device may have malfunctioned or given a false reading."

William C. Head, Attorney at Law
Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis
Atlanta, Georgia

"Thank you. I very much enjoyed the seminar. Your seminar was very relevant to my practice and was helpful in furthering my goals in being the best defense attorney that I can be. The math and science part of the breath tests are so important to my practice, but I also find those areas the most difficult to comprehend. Your explanations were not only detailed, but also energetic so as to keep my attention focused on this tedious academic area that is so entwined with the law. I will definitely like to attend another one of your sessions in the future."

Lisa B. Santos, Attorney at Law
Law Office of Lisa B. Santos, P.C.
Denver, Colorado

"My office contracted with Matthew Malhoit for a private training on the Intoxilyzer 9000 breath testing device. Having previously attended trainings done by Mr. Malhoit, I was confident that he would provide a quality training for myself and the attorneys in my firm. I was not disappointed, and I recommend his course for anyone who is serious about defending DUI/DWI/OUI cases. His knowledge is first-rate, and his teaching abilities are also wonderful. We did not feel bogged down in the science of breath alcohol testing, and learned valuable information and insights that will benefit our clients for years to come."

Jay M. Tiftickjian, Attorney at Law
Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C.
Denver, Colorado

"My client was wrongfully accused of DUI even though she did not look, sound, or act intoxicated. The police officer claimed my client failed roadside sobriety testing and a breath test. Mr. Malhiot was able to explain to the jury that the officer incorrectly performed both the roadside sobriety test and the breath test. With Mr. Malhiot's testimony, my client was found NOT GUILTY. Mr. Malhiot is an exceptional witness and he helped an innocent person not be wrongfully convicted."

Danny Luneau, Esq.
Fife Luneau, P.C.
Denver, Co

"In March of 2014 my 4 lawyers and I attended a 3 day DUI training seminar in Atlanta hosted by Ron Lloyd, Bubba Head, Corey Yaeger, and Matt Malhiot. Matt conducted the one day course on the Intoxilyzer 8000. Going into that particular day I was a little concerned that the Intox might be a boring session. It was anything but! Matt led a stimulating conversation about the strengths and weaknesses of this particular breath testing instrument. As well I was impressed that Matt took the time to learn some Canadian law and breath testing protocols to help us (as Canadian lawyers) to apply his experiences to what we face in Canada. Without hesitation I would recommend anyone to take any of Matt's courses. It was a course high on value at a very modest cost."

Richard J. Aitken
Aitken Robertson Professional Corporation
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada".

"I have used Matt Malhoit as an expert in DUI cases for several years. He recently testified in a DUI trial case that I had, and his testimony was critical in beating a .202 per se DUI count. He is thorough and his courtroom demeanor is great. The jurors loved him. I highly recommend Matt to any DUI/DWI attorney who is serious about winning cases."

Robert Speer
The Magic Lawyer®
Woodstock, Georgia

"Matthew Malhiot is THE expert on the Intoxilyzer 8000 in Florida for both prosecutors and defense attorneys. As a former Departmental Inspector with FDLE who was intimately involved with the configuration of Florida's version of the software, Matthew understands the machine and the company that manufactured it like few others. His integrity and experience cannot be questioned. I have worked with him on several cases. I would highly recommend him for DUI pre-trial motions or at trial for a case involving a breath test on the Intoxilyzer."

Leslie Sammis, Attorney at Law
Sammis Law Firm, P.A.
Tampa, Florida

"Our client faced a 2nd DUI with a crash and a .23 BAC. 1st DUI also a crash. Tough jurisdiction, tough judge. Matt's instrument audit convinced seasoned, supervising prosecutor to break the case down to a reckless driving."

Mike Barbarette, Attorney at Law
Gainesville, Florida

"Matthew Malhiot is one of the best in the business when it comes to expert knowledge and evaluation in the field of DUI law. I used Matthew as an expert witness for a DUI jury trial in Cherokee County where we attacked the integrity and limitations of the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath machine used by law enforcement in the state of Georgia. Matthew was reliable, credible, and great with the jury. After twenty minutes of deliberation, the six panel jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict on all counts. I would certainly use Matthew again in the future. His services are excellent."

Ashley Schiavone, Attorney at Law
Schiavone Law, P.C.
Atlanta, Georgia

"Mr. Malhiot did an excellent job. He was knowledgeable, concise, to the point, good on the science of the Intoxilyzer and the FST and "connected" with the jury. He explained in layman's terms."

James D. Love, P.C.
Athens, Georgia

"Matthew Malhiot has been a great asset to me in several cases. He is professional, knowledgeable, and well prepared. I highly recommend his services for any difficult DUI case."

Robert Giannini, Attorney at Law
Giannini & Yates
Lawrenceville, Georgia

"Matthew Malhiot is exceptionally qualified to be an expert witness in alcohol and SFST cases. The jury trusts him, and he is not rattled on cross. The depth and breadth of his knowledge makes him a great witness for you both on and off the stand. He has an excellent track record and lives here in Georgia which makes him affordable for clients. I can highly recommend his work."

Kim Keheley Frye, Attorney at Law
Frye Law Group
Marietta, Georgia

"Matt's expertise and courtroom demeanor lends him the unique ability to persuade and educate both judges and jurors alike."

Carey Meldon, Attorney at Law
Meldon Law Firm
Gainesville, Florida

"Mr. Malhiot was instrumental in helping us obtain a certificate of materiality regarding the source code. Mr. Malhiot testified before one of the most intelligent (and conservation) judges in the state and he did not have any difficulty explaining the relevancy of the source code. I highly recommend his services."

Ben Sessions, Attorney at Law
McIlinney & Sessions
Norcross, GA

"Mr. Malhiot is the man to hire for expert testimony on the Intoxilyzer 5000 and field sobriety tests. I have used him and can recommend his services highly. He is personable, responsive, and timely in his evaluations of DUI cases. I will use him again in the future."

Guy Sharpe, Attorney at Law
Trial Lawyer
Marietta, Georgia

"The services provided were extraordinary. Thank you for your thoroughness."

Bobby Reiff, Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Robert S. Reiff, P.A.
Miami, Florida

"Mr. Malhiot's analysis made it possible to settle a difficult dram shop case on very favorable terms."

Tom Nash, Attorney at Law

Nash Law Firm, P.C.

Savannah, GA

"Thank you so much for such a professional job. Your expertise is profound!"

Client Cherokee County, GA

"Very knowledgeable, helpful and timely information- made himself available for both consultation and testimony in a very professional manner. Highly Recommend!"

Mark D. Shelnutt, Attorney at Law
Ocala, Florida

"Matt provided an easily digestible and accurate analysis of our case submitted. It was just what I needed as a first look at all potential issue with the case. Thanks!"

Evan Watson, Attorney at Law
Zeliff and Watson, LLC
Cumming, Georgia

"Matt testified during a test case jury trial in Gwinnett State Court and did a convincing job executing the jury. They found my client not guilty of DUI per se."

Rebecca Kozycki, Attorney at Law
Chestney Law Firm
Atlanta, GA

"Matt was a formidable state witness. We're pleased he is now helping those accused of DUI. His instrument audit resulted in the state agreeing not to introduce high breath tests in 2 cases. We've retained him as an expert trial witness for an upcoming case and look forward to working with him."

Mike Barbarette, Attorney at Law
Barbarette and Quirk
Gainesville, FL

"Thanks again for steering me in the right direction. I am very glad that we retained you on this case. You were obviously well worth it."

Naples, Florida Attorney

"The things I learned about the Intoxilyzer and the Rules and Regulations from Matt Malhiot have been invaluable to me in practically every breath test case I have handled. He has the knowledge, experience and credentials I need. I'm pleased that he is there for me when I need him."

F.T. Ratchford, Attorney at Law
Pensacola, Florida

"The report was thorough, well organized, and included issue spotting that exceeded my expectations."

Brian Coughlin, Attorney at Law
The Bedell Firm
Jacksonville, FL

"An excellent experience, Mr. Malhiot provided the technical testimony that I needed and presented it in a way that clearly showed the court why source code is relevant in a DUI case."

Patrick S. Ferris, Attorney at Law
Douglas, GA

"Matt has a calming effect in the witness chair. He responds well to cross examination. He anticipates direct questions well and does not reach too far. Well done."

William L. Swank, II, Attorney at Law
Greer, Klosik, Daugherty, Swank, & McCune
Atlanta, Georgia

"Matthew Malhiot demonstrated a thorough, convincing and thoughtful presentation to the jury on the problems with the Intox 5000 and FST."

D. Max Hirsh, Attorney at Law
Hall Hirsh, LLA
Decatur, Georgia

"Matthew was a formidable witness for the State for many years. Now in private practice, he is valuable asset for the protection of individual rights in defense of administrative and criminal case involving breath alcohol testing. If there is a legitimate way to challenge the breath test results in a case, Matt will know what it is."

Tom Copeland, Attorney at Law
The Law Office of Jeffrey Meldon
Gainesville, Florida

"Matt testified on a DUI, per se trial & the client was found not guilty on both DUI charges. His testimony really made a difference in the outcome of the trial. He's excellent!!"

Melissa Brickey, Attorney at Law

"Very helpful on a difficult case with complex issues."

David S. Molansky, Attorney at Law

"Nice presentation on the report. I hope this is the first of many."

Christian A. Straile, Attorney at Law
Gainesville, Florida

"Always does great work."

Jesse Dreicer, Attorney at Law
Tassone & Dreicer, LLC
Jacksonville, Florida

"If you're looking for an expert on your DUI case, look no further. Malhiot is excellent in all respects"

Ross Grisham
Grisham & Poole
Canton, Georgia

"Mr. Malhiot has consulted on and testified in two DUI cases for my clients. He is prompt and thorough in his analysis, very good and credible on the stand, and has a broad depth of knowledge about both the Intoxilyzer and the field sobriety evaluations. On one case, he helped us to demonstrate to the jury that the fields were inconclusive and the Intoxilyzer result was hill unreliable, while in the other case he helped to convince the jury that our theory of the case was plausible and that the client could well have been below the legal limit at the time he was driving his car. I highly recommend his services."

Zachary Procter
Procter Law, P.C.
Atlanta, Georgia

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